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Episode #232 – When issues or conversations come up in the workplace do you want to be responding not reacting? Despite having a desire to succeed, we are so accustomed to working hard to reach our goals and produce results in the workplace, that many of us sacrifice our deeper humanity. In this episode, Susan Freeman, Author of Inner Switch: 7 Timeless Principles to Transform Modern Leadership, lays out a transformational path for mainstream Western business leaders through ancient yogic wisdom, and guides leaders to become better versions of themselves to create positive change in their organizations.

The principles and practices shared in this conversation will transform working relationships from conflict-creating, stress-inducing, goal-oriented, reactive struggles into harmonious, effective, and responsive partnerships. The result will be deeper fulfillment and joy from work, and enable people to see opportunities that were previously hidden.

Episode #232 – Stop Reacting Start Responding


When you’re talking about the seven switches and the overall approach to getting ourselves this focusing inward, we’re not just talking about mindfulness. There’s more to it than that.


When we have conflict, it’s because the reactive habits of one person are encountering the reactive habits of another person, and neither of them is really in the present moment.


One of the places that sometimes leaders, particularly leaders who want to be supportive can get themselves in trouble, is that they’ll flip into that automatic, pre-programmed, reactive, I need to help or I need to listen or I need to interrupt what I’m doing right now.


The seven switches are about helping us move from an unconscious reactor to a conscious responder.


When you have mastered or are on the path to mastery of the six principles, you will cultivate a space where others will feel safe enough to be able to release their unconscious reactivity because you’ve created a safe, clear vessel.


In our over-programmed, reactive, distracted society, many people will say, well, I don’t have time for that. You had to set aside so much more time to clean up the problem that was created because you didn’t spend the 60 seconds to become the clear vessel before the conversation or make a request to schedule it at a different time so you could respond and not react.

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